At Waynes-Cycles it is our goal to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with affordable parts and bikes when possible. We try to only keep good useable parts and ship fast.

We do not list any prices on our site as they can vary with the market. Also prices on parts bikes can vary as we sell parts off them.

We frequently update our site with new inventory. Check back often or send us a message with what you are looking for.


We have divided our inventory into three classifications:

  • BIKES --- This will be complete bikes that may only need simple repairs or work to have running again. These may not have titles.
  • PARTS BIKES --- These are bikes that would take siginificant work to get on the road again and would only be good as a parts source. Parts can be removed for sale if requested.
  • PARTS --- These are parts or assemblies that have been removed from bikes.

For Contact, Shipping and Payment information use the INFO button.

LOOKING FOR A MANUAL? You can download some here or follow the links to other sites that have some available. REPAIR MANUALS.


Please contact us with any questions or parts requests at: